Chicago Mayoral Candidate Rahm Emanuel Addresses Anti-Semitic Fliers Attack and Tea Party on Valentine’s Day at Biagio

Donning a sky blue tie, Rahm Emanuel arrived promptly at Northwest side Biagio Banquet Hall this morning to greet senior citizens in a Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Rahm Emanuel steps out to greet Chicago media for a brief press conference. (Photo Credit: Vi Nguyen)

The former White House Chief of Staff was all smiles as he briefly retold family Valentine’s Day stories, and shook hands with many senior citizens supporters. As soon as the meet and greet and smiles were done, it was back to serious presser with the Chicago media.

ABC7 Chicago political reporter Charles Thomas questioned Emanuel about the anti-semitic fliers that were distributed this morning at several CTA Red Line el stops. The fliers shows the photo-shopped Emanuel with money in his hands and pockets with quotes splattered on the left hand side of the page.

The anti-semitic attack comes a day after Carol Moseley Braun compared Emanuel to a character who’s in love with Hitler from the film “The Producers”. Emanuel said that he’s not too worried and predicts that Chicagoans would ignore the anti-semitic fliers opposing his mayoral candidacy. “I have all the confidence in them that if they see anything that doesn’t support or is consistent with who they are they will reject it out of hand,” he said.

Anti-semitic fliers were distributed to CTA Red Line passengers this morning. (Photo Credit: Vi Nguyen)

In addition to addressing this morning attacks, Emanuel also chimed in on Gery Chico’s latest endorsement by the Chicago Tea Party. He strongly emphasis that for any candidate to enthusiastically accept support from the Tea Party is only trying to up-end the President’s agenda and his presidency. However, Chico’s camp issued a statement this afternoon that read,  “I did not see the endorsement of this group, and in reality have nothing in common with them.” He did not deny nor accept the Tea Party support.

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